A Little About Us:

We are a young family from Vancouver, BC who enjoy the outdoors. When we aren’t playing board games, we are either riding our bikes around town (or even just around the seawall) or we are doing something related to hiking. On the weekends we go for day hikes and in our evenings we like to plan for upcoming multiday trips. And, well, we also work in between all that.


Kyle has been backpacking since he went on his first terrifyingly unprepared trip in university. Since then he became much more prepared and has ramped up his trips in both length, duration and difficulty. After bringing Natasha on her first backpacking trip, the two have spent as much time as possible together in the outdoors.


Natasha pushes Kyle to go on longer, more intense trips in the outdoors. After their first backpacking trip together, she quickly escalated their trip planning with a PCT section hike then a JMT thru hike. Before deciding to hike the GDT together, Natasha took Kyle on the Rockwall Trail and convinced him this was a good representation of the GDT. Well, we know now that it isn’t, but that’s the past and now the two of them spend most of their summers together in the Canadian Rockies.


Toothless has spent his entire life in the outdoors. His first hike was when he was 3 weeks old where his parents took him hiking in the snow. He likes to crawl, stand, climb and dance. Toothless finished a GDT thru hike when he was 10 months old (he started when he was 8 months old). Toothless also likes to go biking in his box bike.

About the Site:

When planning some of our hikes we found that some of the information we wanted to find just wasn’t accessible. So we decided to make the information we compile for ourselves also available to others.

As time goes on, and our trips get longer, we continue to post on this website to make our trip reports, routes, or other observations and experiences accessible to other.

Now that our family has grown, we will continue to post about our experiences and trips – but the pace and intensity of some of our adventures will be changing to accommodate our youngest family member.