Sunshine Coast Trail

The Sunshine Coast Trail (SCT) is a 180 km trail stretching through the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.  It stretches between Sarah Point in Desolation Sound to Saltery Bay.  The trail passes through old growth on the coast, and is often described as being a “hidden gem”.

The trail is described as “easy to moderate” and “family friendly”.  An interesting feature is what they call “hut to hut” hiking; there are community built shelters along the trail so you can not only hike the trail year long, you can hike the trail without taking a tent.

Since the SCT is close to home we tend to use it as a shakedown trail. The quality of trail and the presence of huts makes it quite feasible to use to shake down gear. We attempted a thru hike in 2015, but had to bail due to injury, and have been coming back to hike sections and shakedown gear ever since.



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