GDT 2021 thru hike (GDT with a baby)

We love it so much we thru hiked the Great Divide Trail (GDT) a second time – this time sharing it with our favourite person in the world!

In 2021 we thru hiked the GDT again, this time thru to Mt Robson Provincial Park (exited at the Moose River Trailhead due to the Berg Lake Trail closure), with our baby boy Toothless. Toothless was 8 months old when we started the GDT and he was 10 months old when we finished. To our knowledge he is the youngest person to thru hike the GDT.

We started our thru hike on July 5 (again!). We took 57 days to reach the Moose River Trailhead.

GDT 2021


Since this attempt is with a baby, it was much more flexible and relaxed than our 2018 thru hike. We finished in Mount Robson Provincial Park rather than Kakwa Lake Provincial Park due to the remoteness and feasibility of food carries with a baby.


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Waterton to Coleman:

Coleman to Peter Lougheed:

Peter Lougheed to Field:

Field to Crossing:

Crossing to Jasper:

Jasper to Mt Robson:

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