GDT Day 54 – “Waterproof” boots

Mileage: 17.1km

Today started off better than expected – no rain overnight and no rain when we started off on the trail! This didn’t last for too long though and we got just enough rain to wet all the brush that lines the trail.

I think the calorie deficit is catching up to me and I’ve lost fitness since hiking is feeling like way more of a slog than it should for the quality of trail we are on.

The sun comes out for a bit and we take a break and discover that the “waterproof” boots we bought for Toothless are not in fact waterproof enough to withstand a trail carwash. They, along with fleece socks, are at least still keeping his feet warm despite being wet, so we keep the boots on as we continue hiking.

Then just when the sun has dried off the moisture on the brush, it rains again. Only for a few minutes, but that’s all it takes to make the trail a carwash again and add a bit of moisture to the muddy ground.

It’s starting to get into late afternoon and I’m skeptical we are going to make it to our planned camp spot tonight and I start looking for a flat enough spot to pitch the tent on the side of the trail. One major downside of the Triplex (and really all 3-person tents) is its large footprint, and nothing I see looks large enough.

Just before 6pm, we finally make it to the spot where the terrain opens up a bit and the trees space out some more. We’re still about 4km short of our plan for the day, but we find a spot to camp rather than push forward as it is already a late day for Toothless.

The sun even comes out and gifts us with a rainbow to enjoy during dinner. It’s not quite enough to dry Toothless’ boots or carrier before bed, but it’s still a positive note to end the day on.


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