GDT Day 6 – Why did we choose road walking again?

Answer: It would be more fun with a baby than doing La Coulotte…

Mileage: 18.8km (16.8 on our road alternate, 2.0 on the GDT, also road 😅)

Today was a slightly easier day than yesterday but much more boring and frustrating. I woke still with blisters on my feet – a little better than yesterday but they still need to heal. Toothless woke us at 5:00am and we gave up and started the day at 5:20am. The water that was supposed to be 100m up the road was dry, so we started the day out by limiting our water, which meant no coffee or carnation instant breakfast.

We passed the road to Beaver Mines Lake fairly early and then the road became wide and busy. Ah, yes, Saturday.

Road walking was pretty uneventful for a while. The view is sometimes interesting but it doesn’t change very quickly so you stick with one view for a while.

After jogging south on highway 774 to connect with the road to Lynx Campground we took a brief break. This was on the corner, close to the cattle guard in the shade. We got a few looks as people left the park. We understood after we started walking again – the river, bridge and Campground was right around the corner and was a much nicer place to take a break.

We grabbed water at the river under the bridge. This was the most peaceful part of the day.

After more road walking we had lunch at the side of the road under the trees. Toothless really likes salmon and mayonnaise – he ate more of that.

After a couple more hours we made it back to the official GDT route and not long after that we got to Lynx Campground. The river and random camping areas were filling with RVs so we found a site at the actual Campground. It was a bit sun exposed but guaranteed some space.

The afternoon was relaxed. We did chores and laundry. It’s nice to have a nice sunny spot and clean table to lay diapers and stuff out to dry.

It took a bit for Toothless to sleep. It was very hot out and the neighbouring campsite has a young child who also was resisting sleep – so the two may have kept each other up for a bit. In the end we fell asleep and had a good rest. It was much cooler at night than the forecast suggested.

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