GDT Day 7 – A nicer ATV trail experience than last time

Daily Mileage: 20.8 km

We were relatively slow at breaking camp this morning which wasn’t aided by the fact that Toothless pooped right before we were about to head out. (Though being right beside an outhouse rather than needing to dig a cathole was a plus!) One more diaper change later and we got on our way, starting out for a couple kilometres on the road before turning off onto an ATV trail.

Shortly after we got on the road, we realized we were following Bill and we continued to follow him on the climb up the ATV trail towards a ridge. We eventually lost him though when Toothless woke from his first nap of the day and we took a brief break.

It was a hot climb, and Toothless was wearing his sweater as it was cool when we set out, so I was absolutely drenched in sweat when we took our break and very thankful for Kyle to take over carrying Toothless for a bit.

The remainder of the climb was pretty straightforward and all the deadfall had been cleared from the trail which was a happy change from what we remembered in 2018. There wasn’t that much in 2018, but definitely enough to slow you down.

We took a break for lunch just after we started descending off the ridge. It looked like it might start raining, so we hustled through eating. Then the clouds all blew by as we were about to start on the trail again.

We skipped over a couple small flows crossing the trail for a supposedly “good” source a few hundred metres down the trail only to be disappointed. It was dry at the trail and Kyle had to venture off trail down the gully to get a good flow.

Impressively we still hadn’t seen any ATVs or dirtbikes today – in 2018 it felt like we were constantly getting buzzed. In fact the only people that “buzzed” us were a pair of trail runners running into Coleman.

We made it to our camp destination shortly after 4pm and hunted around for a decent spot to setup the tent. My guess of a flat spot ended up being super lumpy. Toothless got a nice flat corner, but Kyle and I were sliding downhill and into each other all night 😅

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