GDT Day 19 – Flying

Mileage: 30.9km

We had another slow start today as we took advantage of cell reception and did our last few internet errands.

Once we actually started walking, we managed to keep up a very good pace. We could’ve been in a Mazda commercial – zoom zoom 😉

We made very good time though and hiked the ~17km to our planned camp by lunch. After a brief discussion we decided to push on until Elk Lakes and then either take an on-trail zero there, or a double zero at Peter Lougheed. Toothless was still napping at this point, but we opted to stop and take advantage of the picnic tables and wait until he woke for his lunch to continue on.

We arrived at Elk Lakes in the late afternoon very happy to have their beautiful campground to enjoy! J&L offered to share their site at Boulton Creek with us tomorrow, so we’ll continue hiking and take a double zero so we don’t get ahead of our permits.

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