GDT Day 20 – Into Boulton Creek; Bring on the Ice Cream

Mileage: 11.4 km (9.3 km on GDT, 2.1 km side trip to Boulton Creek)

We left Elk Lakes in good spirits this morning. The hike out of Elk Lakes and into Peter Lougheed is easy and quick and we felt the snacks and showers pulling us into the park.

We are a day ahead of schedule but last night we were offered to share someone else’s campsite at Boulton Creek. So this gives us an extra day to do chores and relax.

We climbed the pretty single track trail out of Elk Lakes and were in good spirits. We passed a family that informed us of a bear up ahead (which we never did see) and kept going over the pass. Heading from Elk Lakes to Peter Lougheed is a weird transition. Almost suddenly the trail turns to road and takes a more gentle approach down. It’s easy walking but not particularly interesting.

We got to the trail head parking lot and while Natasha used the bathroom I checked the map. And learned for the first time that there is a trail (High Rockies) connecting Boulton Creek campsite to the pass rather than a road walk. Except it would require a bit of backtracking. We chose the road but future note! Maybe this should be marked on the GDT Guthook app.

We walked the road quickly and got to the Trading Post and started our day of eating, cleaning and relaxing.

Today, since we got here I have eaten:

  • Four smokies
  • One giant bowl of ice cream
  • Chips
  • Two pops

Still not enough. But more tomorrow.

We showered and did a load of laundry in the Scrubba. We have a laundry line set up. We will wash our clothes tomorrow.

We have charged our phones and battery bank. We will charge the InReach and MP3 players tomorrow.

We have to change campsites to the one we reserved tomorrow but we will have plenty of time. Our resupply comes on Monday. So we have to entertain and feed ourselves until then.

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