GDT Day 21 & 22 – Get your goddamn permits GDT hikers

Trail mileage: 0km

Walking between all the very far apart places at Boulton Creek mileage: ∞km

So I’m probably going to sound very bitter, but this is my place on the internet, so I get to use it as I wish.

This might be naive, but I’ve been shocked by the number of hikers we’ve encountered who openly admit (and volunteer with absolutely no prompting) that they didn’t even bother trying to get camping reservations. Folks, HYOH is great and all, but only as long as your actions aren’t impacting other hikers! Getting permits is annoying yes, but it is one of the unique things about the GDT and part of the process for this trail. By circumventing the reservation system, you are going to make Parks Canada less likely to be helpful and work with current hikers, let alone consider making a special system/permit to streamline the booking process for future hikers.

If we managed to get all the permits we needed with our very slow pace (aka, we need a lot more nights with reservations than the average hiker), you could have done it.

Seriously, I hope every one of you who is hiking without permits runs into a ranger and gets ticketed and/or walked off the trail.

Also, stop adding updates to Guthooks with information on which sites in the National Parks have space for additional tents outside of the designated sites – don’t make it easier for the folks flaunting the rules dammit!

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