SCT 2021 Day 6 – Back to the car!

Mileage: 15km

We awoke once again to rain. This time we didn’t laze around though since warm showers and cold beers were waiting for us in town! We even managed to get packing up down to 1.5 hours or so despite needing to maneuver around in the tent to pack up most of our stuff.

Pre-hike snack for Toothless

We set off in our rain gear… and the rain immediately stopped. A few kilometres around the lake and we reached the Inland Lake car campground and took advantage of their washrooms and garbage cans and then took off everyone’s rain gear before continuing on.

It was a very good idea to remove the rain gear as the sun fully came out shortly after and it started to warm up on the trail. Another quick break at the Mowat Bay campground and then only a few more kilometres around the bay until we reached our car.

A nice short day of hiking and we reached our car and the end of our shakedown hike by 12pm!

Lots of lessons learned on this trip, but generally it was a success and most of the time we all enjoyed it despite some (literal) pain points along the way.

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