SCT 2021 Day 5 – Fiddlehead to Inland Lake

Mileage: 11.75 km

We had another relatively early start with Toothless ready to start the day before 6am – definitely woke up a few members of the group camping under us. Oops πŸ˜‰

A steady climb up towards Confederation Lake took longer than I hoped for, but eventually we reached the cabin. We had a quick snack break and then kept going towards Inland Lake. It was a busy day on the trail and we encountered quite a few groups along this section.

On the last stretch down towards Inland Lake, we saw several frogs (maybe toads?) alongside the trail. Unfortunately they were all a bit too well camouflaged for us to point them out to Toothless so he could see them.

Spot the frog!

We reached the lake and the camping area at Anthony Island in the early afternoon and were able to nab the best spot!

“Look at all this tasty dirt, mom!”

It was a nice area that Toothless was able to explore quite a bit – he did some crawling in the dirt and splashing in rocks beside the lake.

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