SCT 2021 Day 4 – Roadwalking to Fiddlehead

Mileage: 15.5km mostly along FSRs to avoid going back over Tin Hat

Lewis Lake was very noisy overnight – the frogs were throwing a huge party most of the night! It was surprisingly warm for right beside the lake though which was nice.

Today was our turnaround day and neither of us was looking forward to going back up and over Tin Hat, so we came up with a route that would follow the FSRs to take us towards Fiddlehead.

As such, it was very easy walking all day which was a welcome change of pace. We stopped for lunch at Giovanni Lake at the shelter built by the ATV club before continuing on.

We reached Fiddlehead in the early afternoon and opted against pressing on towards Confederation Lake since it would make the following day too short.

We thought we had the shelter to ourselves, only to have a large group roll in around 9pm. They setup tents under the shelter thankfully, but unfortunately woke up Toothless with all their chatter.

They also seemed to not see all the signs to store your food outside the shelter as we discovered their food bag inside with us in the morning.

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