GDT Day 31 – I need a shower and a burger

Mileage: 21.8 km

I haven’t had a shower in like 10 days.

I haven’t had good cooked food in like 22 days (I don’t consider the smokies at Boulton Creek Trading Post to count).

Despite the beautiful day today and overall good mood of the day I just really need a small break. I’m looking forward to Field.

We started today at a beautiful campsite with a red sun rising in the distance. The sky was mostly clear and the weather cool and dry.

We were reasonably quick breaking camp. I think closer to 1.5 hours than our usual 2 hours. Toothless even got to wiggle.

The hike away from camp was smooth and cool. We had a pretty cool and efficient morning. We saw a few other hikers and generally just kept moving.

We took a break and traded Toothless over, choosing to keep his fleece sweater on. My turn to carry him. Then it warmed up. I almost immediately stopped to take his sweater off.

Most of the day was chill with passing several people. Toothless was in a good, active (bouncy) mood and basically danced and bounced most of the day while being carried.

At lunch we stopped at Helmet Falls campground and met another couple section hiking the GDT.

The afternoon was quiet as we hiked over Goodsir Pass and into Yoho. The avalanche debris from 2018 was totally gone and only a handful of downed trees left.

GDT Joke: Didn’t like stepping over that tree? Don’t worry, you can revisit your opinion the next time you climb over it.

Overall it was a nice climb up and down the pass and we made it to McArthur Creek campground at a good time. We ate, got some light rain that looked much worse, and got Toothless into bed. Now I’m feeling completely burned out and in need of some sort of break.

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