GDT Travel Day -3

Toothless slept until 6am, which is a treat compared to his most recent routine at home (which also includes waking up at 5am and grabbing my feet through his crib).

We had a calm and cool morning. The AC kept up last night and now the air outside is finally 22C (the lowest it was in the past day). Just in time to heat back up again!

We ate muffins and pizza buns. Toothless had Cheerios, snack bars and some pizza bun. We left his bananas at home by mistake. Oops.

He roamed around and learned that he could use the rolling office chair as a walker. He does this with our dining table chairs at home .. but the wheels on this office chair gives it extra mobility. So he walked around the motel room banging into stuff and playing with a paper cup.

We waited as long as possible before heading on the road. His nap started at around 9am so we got packed in the car and left around then. We refueled and headed towards Osoyoos. We kept the AC off for the drive out to see if it would work better if we turned it on for the first time after Osoyoos. The temperature kept below 35C on the way to Osoyoos so this was manageable with the air vent only.

We decided to check out the model railroad museum in Osoyoos to kill time before we need to check in our motel at nearby Greenwood. This was pretty darn cool and a good break from the heat!

We ate lunch at the splash park and took Toothless for a run through the water before heading back on the road.

We turned on the AC and it worked..sort of. It was about 42C outside so the air was a little cooler than that but not by much. As we approached Greenwood the temperature cooled down, we got a small spat of rain and the AC started working (once it got below 36C or so outside).

We got to the motel at about 2:30pm, and took in the air conditioning.

We considered eating out so we checked the hours of a restaurant we picked online and drove over. We promptly realized the restaurant was closed so we headed back to the motel and ate backpacking food again.

Toothless fell asleep quickly at bed time. Natasha and I looked at the weather and smoke forecast. Tomorrow we head to Castlegar, which has an active uncontrolled fire. The driving route is closed due to this fire so all traffic is routed through an alternate. We will see if the situation improves and if the evacuation order or notice is lifted. If not we might have to drive through to Cranbrook.

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