Gear Shakedown: Diaper and Scrubba #2

Earlier on I shared my thoughts on our diaper system. I took a look at our cloth diapers and a couple methods of cleaning them:

Gear Shakedown

I’ve had a bit more time, and Toothless has grown a bit and started solid food, so I thought I’d revisit this.


We still use the cloth diapers and they are still what we plan on carrying with us.

Toothless is getting a bit bigger, and so tying them in front is getting more challenging. We have been using the Snappi daily. We will likely plan on carrying the Snappi with us on the GDT. I am considering shipping a spare in a resupply box – I have had one Snappi fail on us after a few months. Its not like we can pop into Field or Sask Crossing and get another one (although safety pins will work, just a lot less convenient with a baby who loves to try to crawl away during diaper changes).

For bedtime, we tested doubling up on the cloth diapers and it works surprisingly well. We use this as a backup for times when our normal bedtime diapers are still in the laundry.

We have a wool cover which is really effective at preventing leaks at bedtime and we will likely carry that plus two daytime covers.


I was a fan of using the Ziploc bag instead of Scrubba because at the time the Ziploc worked as well and the Scrubba leaked. The benefit of the Ziploc is it’s easy to replace and it’s only a few grams. The benefit of the Scrubba is it’s good at cleaning other (non diaper) clothing.

Natasha tried both out and gave up with the Ziploc because it somehow got a pin hole. On the trail that can be dealt with – we have plenty of spares – or we can carry an OP sac for this. That would still be lighter than the Scrubba.

However, in all this testing, the Scrubba stopped leaking. I think the valve on the Scrubba needed to be seated in, so after a bunch of tests the valve now feels like it’s turning smoother and sealing better. I haven’t had it leak on me recently. It worries me that it could leak or fail to begin with, so it’s maybe not the most robust system, but at least it stopped leaking as new.

Also, since Toothless has started solids I’ve tried to wash the diaper once in both the Ziploc and Scrubba. The diaper gets a lot more clean in the Scrubba now with this type of solid waste, and while the Ziploc is still pretty effective, I have fewer arguments against the Scrubba.


Diapers are unchanged. The cloth diapers are still going strong and can be used as bedtime diapers if doubled up. We might bring a Snappi. For covers we will bring our normal daytime covers and one wool one for evening.

I think right now we are assuming we will carry the Scrubba. This makes Natasha feel better and, while it’s heavier than a Ziploc, it does seem to clean regular clothes and socks reasonably well. If the Scrubba fails we can ditch it and we will be carrying plenty of Ziploc bags so we will have a backup.

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