Biking 30 kms with Toothless

We periodically go on bike rides to the park and back. I think we typically bike 5km each way, so around 10km total.

Yesterday I decided to ride with Toothless to Avalon Dairy to return some bottles. We have accumulated a lot since our local grocery store stopped accepting them due to the pandemic. While I’m sure I could return them now (probably only a few at a time) I was looking for a way to get out with Toothless and give Natasha some time to herself.

The Gear

I don’t drive, so the bike is necessary to take Toothless out. I took the cargo bike which has a child seat installed.

It was very hot out and it potentially could be a long day so I packed:

  • Bike with battery
  • USB battery bank and cable
  • Four teething toys with home made tether (made for hiking)
  • Sun hat, sunglasses for Toothless and me, infant sun screen
  • My wallet, keys and phone as GPS
  • Diaper bag (diapers, covers)
  • Bag with ice packs, water for me (a couple partially frozen bottles), water for Toothless (sippy cup with ice cubes), Snickers bars (stolen from our GDT food haul), a mason jar of milk for Toothless plus a silicone nipple.
  • Pannier full of glass milk bottles

Let’s just say: holy cow this was heavy.

The Route

Its about 15 kms each way.

The route goes along BC Parkway and eventually connects to Kerr St. Then it goes along the Fraser Foreshore Trail until almost reaching Avalon.

Since the route goes along the river along a park for a fairly long distance, it gives ample opportunity for stopping for lunch.

How it went

It went really well!

Google maps has some artifacts that seems to take you on some wrong turns which slowed me down quite a bit. I was only listening to the instructions (my phone was on a bag hanging off the handlebars so I could not see the screen). Long term I’ll probably want a phone mount so I could glance at the screen and verify as I’m riding.

Toothless enjoyed the ride. It took a little longer than anticipated to reach Avalon, so by the time we got back to the park to eat it was getting close to nap time. Toothless didn’t eat much and took a bit to settle down for a nap after we got back on the bike. I went over some bumps and that kept jostling him awake.

Toothless kept cool enough during the ride and was pretty much fully covered from the sun so I wasn’t worried about sun burn.

The ride itself went pretty well for me. I only ate one Snickers bar so I could get Toothless down to nap. Surprisingly I was more or less fine and just needed a snack when I got home.

The bike had a couple problems that I’ll need to look into

  • The front motor hub makes a rattling sound when accelerating. I’m worried this might be a lack of oil or broken gear tooth or something so I think I should have it serviced. When coasting the front wheel is pretty silent so this is related to the motor.
  • The front brakes faded hard after going down hill on Kerr. This is a steep hill with a heavy bike. They recovered some after I let them cool down but for the rest of the ride they were not quite good enough to fully stop. If I had an Allen key I could have adjusted them but my bike tool was stolen a couple years ago and I haven’t replaced it yet.

So I have a few things to look into but overall a successful ride!

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