GDT Section C Reflection

I’m not a fan of Banff on the GDT south of Whistling Pass. Whistling Pass and Ball Pass are fun.

I really like Height of the Rockies and think that the South Kanakasis Pass Alt should be the official route. This even blows a bunch of the following Banff trails away.

Assiniboine is lovely but odd without the crowds.

Banff is eerie without the crowds. The smoke haze made it more unsettling.

Sunshine Village was a nice stop for wifi and power but really unsettling as well to be fully closed and dead.

The Rockwall has a bunch of climbs that I have stripped from my memory from our previous two hikes on the Rockwall. Basically the first 30km NOBO is low reward. Everything after that is pretty great and memorable.

People love commenting on us having a baby. I just want people to ask me how my hike is going, not call me “super dad” or something.

Toothless has gotten quite social. He is learning to interact with people and shows a lot of interest.

Toothless has started playing peekaboo with blankets, his hands, whatever.

Toothless has started showing interest in the built environment. He likes to bang his hands on signs and bear lockers.

I need a shower and a good meal.

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