GDT Day 32 & 33 – Cold Beer, Warm Showers

Day 32 Mileage: 23.0km

Day 33 Mileage: 0️⃣

It was a chilly morning being deep in a valley that the sun wouldn’t reach for several more hours and we had the motivation of town, so we did our best to pack up quickly and get on the trail. Just as we were about to head out, the “Lesser Divide Trail” group offered Kyle their remaining hot and very strong coffee, so he dug out his pot, then drank enough so it wouldn’t slosh too much and we hit the trail.

The trail is actually an old road – one that is actually maintained even – so the walking is easy and gently graded. Not the most scenic, but there is the occasional spot where an avalanche or landslide clears the vegetation away to offer a view.

We made good time and made it to the trailhead around 12pm, just in time to take a quick lunch break. Just as we were ready to start the highway walk, the “Lesser Divide Trail” group and the solo hiker who is doing part of the GDT arrived as well. They were skipping the highway walk and although a ride was tempting, it isn’t really a thru hike without connecting your footsteps in my opinion. There’s also something incredibly satisfying about being able to say you literally walked somewhere.

So we hit the highway which I was really dreading – it felt like the sketchiest part of our hike in 2018 due to the high traffic and narrow shoulder in parts. It was also my turn to carry Toothless and he was overdue for a nap. Somehow it all worked out though, I put my head down, the umbrella up and set off down the highway with Kyle following behind. Toothless got used to the traffic noise and started to nod off after 10 minutes or so and then managed to stay asleep until we turned off the highway onto the quiet dirt road that led us into Field.

By 2:30pm, we had walked 23km and were sitting at a table in the Truffle Pigs ordering that cold beer we’d been craving for many days.

We quickly followed our beer and meal with warm showers in our hotel room and started on our town chores.

Our zero day featured more food, beer and showers and lots of annoyance with the ever increasing amount of smoke in the air. Tomorrow we hit the trail again and rain is forecasted for the day after. The rain will be very welcome to clear out the sky; not at all welcome due to the carwash it will create for us on the Amiskwi though.

PS: Thank you Sara for the dessert and our mystery benefactor(s) for the beers 🎉

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