GDT Day 24 – Another day

Mileage: 18.9km

It was a warm night for sleeping right beside a lake, so it wasn’t too hard to drag ourselves out of bed and pack up in the morning. After leaving Beatty Lake, our alternate started us out with some scree as we descended towards Palliser River. It was a bit steep, but there was clear trail the whole way. If Toothless wasn’t on my front, partially blocking my view, it would have been quick and easy; instead we settled for slow and easy.

After the scree, the alternate brought us through the trees. Again with nice obvious trail to follow the whole way. Toothless woke from his nap a bit before the alternate crossed Leroy Creek and met up with the official route, so we stopped in the meadow just before the crossing to take a quick snack break for everyone and diaper change for Toothless.

The creek crossing was nice and straightforward – shin deep and not overly fast. Shortly after we got our feet wet again, this time crossing Palliser River, another easy one, ankle deep and slow.

Here we stumbled on (almost literally) a hiker with their tent setup in the middle of the trail!?

The climb up to Palliser Pass was annoyingly brushy. Easy to follow and not overly steep in most sections, but definitely not my favourite due to the brush. Toothless thankfully managed to sleep through most of it. We stopped for a late lunch at the camp just before the pass.

We finished the pass and then wandered through flat meadow-y areas to reach our camp. Bridges meant we got to even have dry feet when we rolled into camp. There was a father and son already there who we shared dinner with before tucking into bed for the night.

The next few days look to be pretty easy as we are now in Banff on generally great quality trail. Maybe we’ll even get to borrow some wifi at Sunshine! Hiker notes indicate they have washrooms and wifi even though they aren’t open, so we’ll probably take the brief detour in a few days.

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