GDT Travel Day -1

We had a good sleep!

Toothless got some time to explore and crawl around. We then ate our continental breakfast and hit the road at 9am again.

The fire in Castlegar was 70% contained at this point so the firefighters made good progress the night before. The sky was still full of smoke in a thick haze.

The heat wave warning ended this morning for the areas we had been in as well.

We bought folding N95 masks in Castlegar to use with the smoke if needed.

The smoke forecast did look better for the GDT, but we are still considering bringing those N95 masks (maybe instead of our other disposable masks) for the hike.

We got word that Canmore is getting rain so we are also hopeful that the smoke at least will be cleared from the sky.

We almost got to Cranbrook and Toothless woke up in the car and was hungry. We looked for the first rest stop, somehow missed it until we were right next to it and kept looking. The next spot was a gas station so Natasha just filled the car, paid and fed Toothless. Then we looked at the price of the gas. $2/L. Right on the pump but I guess she just missed it with the chaos with Toothless.

Woa. Never going there again.

The rest of the drive went alright. We fumed a bit about the gas price but otherwise made good time and arrived early enough to go wander the mall and pick up a few more things we missed (headphones, extra disposable diapers for the rest of the drive, etc).

We got into the hotel room at around 3pm, ate dinner early and did some work on logistics.

The rest of the night we used to relax and triple check our to do list!

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