MYOG: Adding Nonslip to Exped Mat

I have been nagging Natasha about doing this for years and we finally broke down and did it.

We sleep on a double pad and it tends to slide down even the gentlest of inclines. This sometimes means one of us gets pushed against the wall or our feet push against the mesh and push it out and exposed to rain.

With Toothless, he has a separate sleeping system. For an infant it’s important to have the walls of his sleep area or crib free from loose blankets or fabric. The PeaPod has a fine mesh which makes it so he can breathe even if he pushes his face against the wall. So it’s important to ensure nothing pushes against the PeaPod that could obstruct this mesh.

The EVA foam pad we use to change his diaper also sits below his sleeping pad and keeps the PeaPod from sliding around. However we didn’t have anything to keep our double pad from sliding. We can, in a pinch, put the EVA pad below both Toothless’s pad and our pad but then he doesn’t get the benefit of the additional R value it provides.

This time, we chose to add non slip strips on the double pad.


The installation is simple.

You buy a tube of silicone seam sealer. Ours came with a small paint brush for application.

Inflate the pad fully and flip it upside down.

Paint on strips in thin coats. We chose to paint the strips on horizontally and also put lines down on any high spots.

Let it dry according to instructions. We let ours dry for 24 hours but the instructions required only 3-6 hours.

And that’s it!

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