GDT Day 46 – Don’t like the weather? Wait 2 minutes.

Mileage: 25.5 km

We woke today to more rain. Dreading it, we fell into our new rain / snow / hail morning routine and got moving quickly. We resigned ourselves to the fact that the diapers we hung out last night would be wet. And we figured the Ursack would be soaked and heavy as well.

Well, by the time I grabbed the Ursacks the rain stopped and I realized that both the Ursacks and the diapers were sheltered from the trees and were pretty dry. The diapers were almost bone dry!

We started walking in the sun, wearing rain gear, a little earlier than usual and were frustrated by the car wash as we went through the brush and trees. I started tapping branches with my trekking poles to knock off the water that has accumulated before I walked past.

Then after a while the rain started again as a sprinkle, then more sun, then rain again. One of those days.

Despite the weather we hiked fairly quickly. The goal was to get to Mary Vaux campsite. Our original plan was to get to Avalanche Campsite, but we realized we could likely get to Mary Vaux today and then to Trapper tomorrow. This plan would reduce our mileage on the following day to 10km. We plan on stopping by the Malign Lake Lodge where we can get cafeteria style food, so a shorter day would give us more time to eat, charge devices and rest!

We stopped for a break at Waterfalls Campsite where thankfully we caught some sun. Toothless was pretty interested in the falls!

We had lunch at the Poboktan junction, where Toothless just happened to wake from his nap. We saw a mountain biker and chatted with him for a minute before he took off. It started to rain so we kept our rain gear on.

We pushed on and the sun came out. We had a quick break as we climbed Maligne Pass and started taking our rain gear off.

Then it started to hail.

Rain gear back on!

We got to Avalanche Campsite at about 2:30pm and recognized we could get to Mary Vaux today so we kept hiking.

The hail kept up so we just tried to manage. It was pretty windy with lots of hail near the top of Maligne Pass. As we descended the weather did not improve.

We got to Mary Vaux at around 5:30pm and started setting up the tent and cook in the rain. The campsite is nice with four tent pads of varying quality, green throne, bear hang with hardware, two fire rings and two picnic tables (one of which is sheltered from the rain by large trees).

We set up on the dry table and so dinner was pretty dry and comfortable. The sun kept peeking out and made for a pretty evening in between the rain. After getting into the tent the rain continues to be on and off. It’s supposed to be pretty dry tomorrow so I’m hopeful we will be less wet, but knowing this valley the rain from today and tonight is probably enough to give us a pretty heavy carwash tomorrow.

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