GDT Section A Reflection

We are often surprised at how big of days we can do with Toothless with only minor frustrations!

Toothless just gets tired at about 5pm. We have to limit hiking to before 4:30pm if possible. If we do, then he generally is in a great mood and likes exploring camp.

Bedtime has been challenging a few days. Either with the heat or any ambient noise (other campers, ATVs) he can sometimes struggle to fall asleep until after 8pm. He sleeps well once he does go down.

The water treatment system is great. The funnel works great; very fast to fill and helps a lot in low flowing water. A little trick when using it is to “pump” the bottle by repeatedly and rapidly squeezing the bottle slightly then letting go. This keeps it from getting air locked and let’s it fill fast. The bleach evaporates off quickly during lunch so there is not much pool smell and we feel comfortable giving the water to Toothless.

The umbrella works great. Good for sun. Good for rain. It’s a bit tricky in the wind. In general if you need the umbrella for the sun, there is room to carry it. Sometimes though, like in burn, it’s tricky and can get snagged on trees.

The bugs are insane this year. The heat wave seems to have hatched them all – there isn’t much to do about them either. They bite my legs and not my face thankfully. They also don’t touch Toothless.

My pack hip belt wears into the baby carrier. We have repaired the carrier (thankfully Natasha needed to cut straps off her pack so I could use those). I also should probably wear K tape on my hips here because my waist gets pinched between the carrier and pack hip belt.

Wildlife sightings have been pretty good. We have seen bighorn sheep, a mountain goat, ptarmigans, plenty of deer and of course small rodents, ground squirrels and marmots.

When carrying a baby in the front carrier, your breathing might be lower capacity due to having him strapped to your chest. This makes large climbs a challenge. Unfortunately Toothless also seems in tune with your breathing and becomes slightly upset when breathing is laboured. Nothing too bad but you can tell he’s a little concerned. He calms down if you can sing to him or keep him engaged (to make him aware everything is okay) but this is a challenge if breathing is tough. He also calms down once your breathing improves such as .. going down the hill rather than up.

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