GDT 2021 Thank Yous and Appreciation

Our 2021 GDT hike with Toothless wouldn’t have happened without the help of a lot of trail angels and friends:

  • A Safe Haven for housing us, feeding us, taking us to the trailhead and storing our vehicle while we hike.
  • Ryan for agreeing to pick up our bear cannisters
  • Jeanette and Lowell for being great friends on trail and letting us stay on your tent pad at Boulton Creek
  • Nicole for doing our resupply in Boulton Creek
  • Nicole (again) for driving our vehicle to the end of our hike
  • Sarah for the dessert in Field 🙂
  • The “Lesser Divide” for raising spirits and for the hot coffee
  • Whoever bought us a round at Truffle Pig
  • Regan for dropping off a small resupply to Shovel Pass Lodge
  • The family from Golden that drove us off the FSR and into town when I injured my ankle, then gave us coffee and drove us to get dinner, then drove us to Dan and Tara’s home.
  • Dan and Tara for taking us into their home for a few days while I (Kyle) recovered from an ankle injury during Section D. And for letting us use your vehicle and driving us to Sask Crossing.
  • The family that gave us a jump start at the Moose River Trailhead

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