Website Changes

We’re happy to announce some small changes to our website!

New Domain

We have a new domain:

Our old domain ( should still work, but the new one is a little snappier and easier to remember.

Contact Form

Now you can actually get a hold of us!

After the past year and our latest GDT thru with our 8 month old son, Toothless, we have had so much discussion on and off trail about our endeavours. We realized that there is no direct way for people to contact us without hunting us down on social media.

We are open to just talking about our adventures as well as opportunities to work with others in the industry. So if you have anything to ask, or propose, hit us up!


You might see advertisements on our website. We used to have ads before, but now those ads can generate revenue for us. I thought I’d might as well be transparent about it.

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