How having a baby reduced our base weight..

Okay, stay with me here.

Natasha and I used to each carry 12 lb base weight.

By having a baby we added about 5 lbs of gear to our packs.

So 24 lbs + 5 lbs = 29 lbs. Let’s call that an even 30 lbs.

30 lbs / 3 people (Natasha, Toothless and I) = 10 lbs /each.

So that’s a reduction in base weight. Right? Right?

Or maybe I can just accept that my base weight increased to about 15 lbs AND we also need to carry Toothless who was like 20 lbs at the end of our GDT hike. And be happy that this is manageable and that we can do so much as a family.

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