Section F Reflection

After all of the precipitation in Section E we chose to change our gear for Section F to deal with the rain and possibility of snow as well as the cooler temperatures.

Toothless’ new boots were not quite fully waterproof which meant his socks and feet got wet during the car wash, but they did stay warm. Ziploc bags would have likely kept them fully dry but we thankfully had enough socks to rotate out.

For really wet days I can appreciate disposable diapers. No stress with trail laundry and they do a good job of keeping him dry. Unfortunately they are disposable and not particularly good for the environment. As for hiking disposable diapers aren’t very appropriate for longer sections – they take up a lot of volume and by design they absorb and hold moisture (or pee) so they get heavier as you hike. We might consider disposable diapers for short winter multiday trips.

I am so glad we did this section again. In 2018 a lot of it was covered in smoke but by the time we got to this section this year it was clear and the views were amazing.

Moose River access trail was really straightforward. We did it painfully slowly but I think normally we would go a little faster on it. Some more minor clearing of the cut deadfall would really make this a breeze.

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