Sunshine Coast Trail – Day 2 – Mount Troubridge to Lois Lake

We both slept pretty well, but we were quite hot throughout the night. I guess nine people in a tiny cabin is a great way to generate heat.

We were the first ones up, so we gathered our belongings got our bags packed up on the porch – it was actually pretty pleasant outside compared to how warm it was inside. We stopped by the creek to filter some water and then we were off.

Today was all downhill and much more pleasant than yesterday. It was also quite a bit cooler as we started in the morning rather than midday and it was quite foggy and overcast for the first couple hours. The snow continued on the trail until Elephant Lake, and it was still quite manageable without spikes. Around the lake was a bit swampy and sections of the trail were completely flooded with near-freezing water.

Right before we got to Lois Lake, there was a lovely shelter we grabbed lunch at. It seemed quite new (the logbook said it was built in 2015) and it had a nice composting toilet. Around Lois Lake was pretty straightforward with the usual ups and downs that are expected when going along a shoreline. There were a couple campgrounds – one large horse camp that was completely empty and a recreation site campground that looked pretty full.

At the end of the lake, there is a dam; we were disappointed when we realized we wouldn’t be able to walk across it, but you can still get close enough to look over the edge.

After the dam, the trail popped down to follow an old railroad grade and Kyle described it as being like in an Indiana Jones movie and tropical feeling. We crossed the river that was downstream of the dam – there was a small camp on the other side, but we kept going another couple minutes until we reached our exit road.

It was a couple km from where we came out to the highway, but it was easy walking compared to other road walks we’ve down. We tried to hitch with the handful of cars that passed us, but no one stopped, thankfully the walk wasn’t too long. Once we reached the highway it was a quick hitch back to our car – the fifth vehicle (a guy in a pickup truck of course) stopped for us and gave us a ride all the way back. I was able to get service for a little bit, and there was no sailing wait from Langdale to Horseshoe Bay so we decided to chance it and try and make it home tonight rather than camping and heading home in morning.

By the numbers:

  • 2 snakes
  • 12 toads (4 large)
  • Over 45 slugs
  • 1 woodpecker
  • 1 ptarmigan-like bird that was almost stepped on

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