SCT 2021 Day 2 – Confederation Lake to Tin Hat Mountain

Mileage: 13.5 km

After a toasty night in the cabin, Toothless woke up ready to start the day bright and early just after 5am. We took advantage of the cabin and had a slow start and finally got on the trail around 7:30am. It was a nice sunny morning as we headed downhill towards Fiddlehead Landing.

We made quick time and reached the Fiddlehead area well before lunch. A storm looked imminent, but we decided to press on to Tin Hat since it was so early in the day. We got everyone in rain gear, and then started uphill after a quick snack under the shelter.

The terrain quickly got very steep – I kept remembering how the last time we did this hike, it was the toughest day of hiking I had experienced. I carried Toothless on the first stretch up the hill and quickly discovered the umbrella holder we had rigged up was subpar. It kept slipping in such a way that I could either only see the umbrella or have it tilted so far back it didn’t cover Toothless at all.

Kyle swapped with me and carried Toothless for the final stretch up Tin Hat and we finally reached the cabin around 3pm.

There was already another hiker at the cabin and she told us another group of three was coming behind her, so we scoped out a spot just outside the cabin to setup the tent.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing with on and off rain as we hoped for some sun to dry Toothless’ diapers off. Unfortunately none arrived before we tucked into bed for the night just before some more rain and hail arrived.

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