Announcing Next Hike: GDT

We are excited to announce that we will hike the GDT (Great Divide Trail) in the summer of 2018.

We will do our best to blog about the process. We have created a sub page here that will summarize all of our content about the hike.

Why the GDT?

We decided to do the hike earlier this year, around the spring of 2017. We had a lot going on and were not sure about whether we could commit to the hike or not until recently.

We want to do the hike because:

  • It’s in Canada and we are Canadian. This a pretty great hike within our home country and we really would like to experience it now that our jobs and lifestyle allow it. It also allows us to do a through hike without having to travel to the USA, which costs time and money. Hiking in Canada lets us spend our money locally.
  • The length of the hike is just about perfect for the time we can fit into our other parts of our life. It will take us less than 2 months to hike so that can nicely be fit in without too much disruption.
  • We hiked the Rockwall Trail in 2016 and got to experience part of the GDT. The Rockwall was amazing.
  • We still have other hikes on our list, but this one fit us at the time.

Natasha is (hopefully) going back to school in Fall 2018 so timing will be a little tight and we were not sure until recently that she would be able to finish all of the prerequisites.

I had gotten authorization in the summer to take the time off already so as soon as 2018 hits and the time management system at work will allow me to book vacation I will do so.

Current Status

We have been working through itinerary since the spring and doing as much research as possible. So far we have accomplished:

  • Fairly detailed itinerary – detailed enough to sort out reservations when the open up
  • Gear list is relatively complete – we have a pretty thorough and rolling gear list but we have added and already upgraded a few items in anticipation (quilt instead of sleeping bags, for example)
  • Resupplies mostly planned – we have identified where we will resupply at as part of our itinerary
  • Pricing out and planning of food has started

    Overall we are pretty excited about this and will share information as we develop our plans!

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