Day 6 – Nothing to see here

GDT kms: 20.9

Another day of walking on ATV roads. We walked up to Willoughby Ridge though which would have been quite pleasant if I wasn’t feeling so bleh and dead slow all day for some reason.

Along the trail we ran into (almost literally) a mama grouse and her chicks which was quite cute.

We got to our campsite early and took advantage of the fact we will be able to charge things tomorrow by watching some of the Netflix shows.

If I was feeling better, we probably would have made it to Coleman as it’s only another 10km. It would force us to either take two zeros in a row or get off-schedule for our permits later on in the trail and we are trying to do our best to stick to them.

2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Nothing to see here

  1. dandurston says:

    Yeah the ATV trails and roads are a bit much is this stretch. Thankfully in another 2 years the new 50km of trail north of Coleman will be open to save walking the quad trails there.

    The GDT is a bit lackluster (old roads) until km 205 or so, but once you get to Tornado Saddle it gets epic.

    I might see you out there. I’m hiking SOBO on section B starting Tuesday as part of the GDTA trail maintenance trip.

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