Day 11 – Bunnytown and getting on a trail again

GDT kms: 23.8

Today started out slowly, with both of us not wanting to get up when the alarm went off. We managed to get on the trail a bit after 7am.

It was another day mostly on ATV-type trails, but they were pretty decent for walking on for once. As we were walking along, we got to see lots of bunnies hopping along. Most of them seemed to think they were invisible if they didn’t move, so they would stay still right in the middle of the trail, before hopping away when we were within a few feet.

Our initial plan today was to camp at Dutch Creek, which is supposed to be a very nice spot according to the GDT app. We didn’t get the opportunity to do that though, as about 3km before the camp, we encountered a sign indicating that an alternate had been flagged to bypass avalanche debris which blocked the trail 4km ahead. Dutifully, we proceeded to follow the orange flags indicating the alternate route.

This was actually pretty nice as we finally got to be on something more trail-like for the first time in several days.

Partway up the alternate, I had a bit of a debate mini-meltdown – it was hot, I hadn’t been eating enough, my pack hadn’t been sitting nicely all day, and I was annoyed we were going to miss a nice camp spot. Kyle came to the rescue and made some Gatoradadwae which lifted my mood substantially.

The trees we were walking through cleared and we reached a meadow shortly before the ascent to Tornado Saddle – wildflowers were blooming in the meadow and there were plenty of flat areas – we’d found our alternate beautiful campsite.

From here on, it sounds like the GDT should be more trail-like and less roadwalking – looking forward to seeing what’s next!

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