Day 25 – Into the Rockwall

GDT kms: 30.3

We started today by going up Ball Pass – it was definitely not a “ball buster” as the app indicated, but that may just be because our legs were nice and fresh. The descent on the other hand was slower than we would have liked, but quite neat as it was an old burned area and we could see the trees starting to fill in again.

Once we reached the highway, we had to go right back up again towards Numa Pass. It wasn’t a challenging ascent, but it was long, hot and exposed as it went through an area that burned in 2013. When we reached Floe Lake, we were very hot and in definite need of a break, but probably not as much of a break as we took – we ended up sticking around the lake for over an hour before we left to continue to our campground.

When we reached Numa Creek, it was very busy, all the main sites were occupied and all that remained were very neglected ones in the back. We happily grabbed the one that had the fewest branches and settled in for the night.

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