Day 27 – In and out of Field

GDT kms: 29.3

We slept in a bit this morning on account of how long yesterday had been and since we knew today would be relatively short. With the exception of a number of downed trees including a surprising number that required crawling under – they were the perfect height to be too tall to climb over and too short to simply duck or crouch under – the trail/road into Field was boring but straightforward.

The trail unfortunately came to an end about 8 km before Field and joined Highway 1 for a somewhat terrifying 4.9 km. As we walked down the shoulder and cars, trucks, and semis blew by, I kept running worst case scenarios through my mind and tried to figure out what we should do if someone’s trailer got disconnected, or if a bike came flying off of a rack, or if a semi blew a tire. Unfortunately, I couldn’t determine any ways we could prevent those scenarios from being disastrous and decided that this was probably one of the most dangerous parts of the GDT.

We reached Field around 1pm, picked up our package from the Fireweed Hostel and learnt they didn’t have space available for us to stay. Disappointed, we decided to grab lunch at the Truffle Pig and hopefully find some other accommodation – it seemed like the were about a million inns and BnBs in Field, surely one would be available. Nope. Despite it being the middle of the week, everything seemed fully booked.

Plan B was to hike another 6 km to a campsite, so in excellent hiker trash fashion, we parked ourselves on the chairs in front of the Truffle Pig wearing only our rain gear to do laundry, eat ice cream, sort through our resupply, use their free wifi and generally waste time until they opened again for supper.

We grabbed a delicious supper in freshly washed clothing before setting off on our short hike to camp.

At the campsite, we discovered Arisa again! She’d taken a few days off in Golden and it sounds like our hiking schedules might sync up for a few days which would be nice as I believe this is one of the worst sections of the GDT.

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