Day 33 – It should have been a good day

GDT kms: 22.1

We had a bit of a sluggish start to the day. It was quite windy last night and a fair bit of smoke blew in and Kyle woke up with a tight throat. We slowly made our way up to the tallest point of the GDT – currently an unnamed pass they are working with Stoney Nakoda First Nation to name. This is probably one of my favourite types of hiking, we have to find our own route, but the destination is clear.

At the top of the pass, we found the logbook (no whisky though at this one though) and then started making our way downhill and then back up to another pass.

We eventually got to Pinto Lake which was beautiful and reminded Kyle of Hawaii (though neither of us have been) as it was a beautiful blue with a sandy edge.

It wasn’t too long after this our day took a frustrating turn – we took wrong route on Cline River by continuing to follow a blazed route rather than turning off of it which ended up setting us behind about an hour again.

I wasn’t too happy about this, we were already behind schedule from yesterday and trying to catch up a bit today, staying behind schedule might force us to take an extra day on this section and we had already reserved a hotel in Jasper. By 7pm, I was done, the tears wouldn’t stop coming and I just sat down in the middle of the trail. Thankfully Kyle found a spot just off the trail to setup our tent and he made me one of my breakfast drinks as I was in no mood for eating dinner and just wanted to go to bed.

Hopefully tomorrow is a good day.

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