Day 42 – What are dry feet?

GDT kms: 26.3

Another dark morning that made it challenging to get up today – but we need to if we don’t want to be hiking in the dark as the kilometres have been coming slowly in this section.

Early on in the morning we hit a burned area and needed to slow right down. Our legs are all bruised again after this – just after I think my bruises have finally disappeared from going through the forest instead of the Howse River in section D.

Eventually we got out of the burn though and made it to Moose River. Appropriately enough we seemed to be mostly following moose tracks through the area as we meandered back and forth across the river so many times we lost count.

The whole area was very pretty though and in the early afternoon we passed Arisa as she stopped to draw a picture – we’ve been camping with her every night since right before we walked into Jasper and I think this will be the last time we see her as she said she’s planning to do a short day today and then she’s going to resupply at Robson.

We reached our campsite just before 8pm – a quite long day considering we only went 26km. It was a quite pretty spot though with a glacier in the distance with waterfalls and a little lake nearby. Hopefully tomorrow is a bit easier as we’d love to be able to push a bit ahead of schedule to give ourselves a bit of buffer room.

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