Day 45 – Down to the river

GDT kms: 21.8

It was another cold and dark morning and we both had a hard time getting out of the tent. Eventually we started though and enjoyed the mostly continuous trail along the rest of the high route before we had to take the trail down the mountain to the Jackpine River.

We were very happy to have previous hikers’ notes about this section otherwise it would have been quite frustrating. We made slow progress, but we were happy to enjoy the beautiful river and the views.

During our lunch break we were daydreaming about floating down the river – it would be beautiful and easier than following the meandering moose tracks back and forth across the river.

By the late afternoon, the brush and slow progress was getting to me though. I called it for the day around 6pm even though we were 5km short of our planned destination.

We have another 8km or so before we get back onto good trail again, so hopefully it goes quickly tomorrow.

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