Day 47 – Back on good trail!

GDT kms: 36.0

We have a bit of a late start this morning, but we are quickly on good trail and are making good time for the first time in several days. As with the rest of the section, we need to pull out our phone and check the GPS every time we go through a meadow as the trail disappears, but otherwise the trail is straightforward and very pretty.

Most of the day is spent going over a series of gentle passes with beautiful views before we start descending down to the valley. The trail in the valley is supposed to have s junction we take to the left which we never actually find, instead just bushwhacking our way towards the GPS track until we find the trail in the woods that takes us over a little hill. We descend down the other side to Sheep Creek – our destination for the night. It’s another beautiful campsite with a pair of lovely benches overlooking the creek. I’m so happy that we pushed to get here and I’m actually feeling like we can finish this for the first time in several days.

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