Gear Source: Dirty Girl Gaiters in Vancouver

We have been asked several times while on day hikes about where we got our dirty girl gaiters. We had bought them online directly from Dirty Girl Gaiters, and keep advising anyone who asks. Everyone seems a little underwhelmed when we tell them that though so I’ve been keen to find a more local source.

After we returned from the GDT and were looking for replacement socks we found a local running store that not only carries Dirty Girl Gaiters in store but on their online store as well.

Distance Runwear stocks a number of items useful to trail running and/ or through hiking. This includes Dirty Girl Gaiters, Carbon Z trekking poles, Iniji toe socks, water bladders and trail runners.

It is a small storefront but they have a little bit of inventory on a variety of products. It really seems like a good alternative to just heading to MEC for our gear, especially since MEC does not carry some of the more specialized items. The online store would be convenient for buying replacement gear on trail.

I hope this helps anyone who might be looking for these items in Canada!

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