Is that a dog or a baby?

Since our baby boy, “Toothless”, was born in late October we have been very fortunate to have a smooth recovery and an easy baby to take care of. Thankfully this means we have been able to start hiking with him since he was 3 weeks old. We have been taking him on day hikes every week to both keep ourselves sane and fit but get him used to being outside and give him exposure to different people, animals and environments.

  • 3 weeks: Mt Seymour: Dog Mountain
  • 4 weeks: Lynn Canyon Park: Seymour River Suspension Bridge
  • 4.5 weeks: Cypress Mountain: Bowen Lookout

So far, so good. We carry him in an Ergo Carrier with infant insert. We have a “Make My Belly Fit” adapter to let our jackets wrap around him while in the carrier. We also have a small fleece blanket that was gifted to us that is a perfect size to wrap around the carrier to keep him warm.

One of us (Natasha so far) carries a day pack with spare cloth diapers, food for us and our jackets and emergency gear. The other person carries him in the carrier. We both still use trekking poles.

It’s taken a bit to get used to carry something on our front instead of on our back, but so far no pain or discomfort despite him currently being over 4 kg.

He just loves it. Mostly he sleeps. Sometimes he looks around. It’s helpful that it’s snowy now since the snow makes the trees high contrast and gives him something to look at.

It has amazed us just how much attention people pay to a couple carrying a baby. A number of people from young men to older couples comment “oh it’s a baby!” And while it’s a bit weird, we are thankfully sheltered from unwanted attention due to the COVID19 pandemic and most people abiding by physical distancing. As a result we don’t get to experience the horror stories of people trying to pick him up or kiss him – so the few comments we get are usually good natured and welcome.

My only complaint is that on our first hike we were asked at least three times if he was a dog or a baby. To be fair, he was bundled under my jacket and not visible, but it’s weird to me that some people first assume I’m carrying a dog in a baby carrier rather than a baby…

We are looking forward to more hikes and trying to camp with the little guy soon. We are full of optimism based on how well it’s gone so far.

Once we get a bunch of camping with him under our belts, then it’ll be time to decide whether or not we move ahead with a thru hike with him.

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