Toothless has a tooth

actually he has two…

..which made his first camping trip extra challenging.

At first we noted that he was sleeping not quite as well as at home, then afterwards realized he had a tooth break through during the camping trip. Then pretty much immediately after that he had a second come in. So now he has two little teeth peeking out of his gums. And a third on its way…

This made it tricky to know if he was upset due to different sleep arrangements while camping or his teeth.

Since we got back from camping we learned that when he’s really in pain, a bit of infant Tylenol does the trick to help ease the pain. We aren’t big on giving medicine too freely, and try all other soothing methods first, but he is pretty clear in communicating when his face is in pain. We can pick this up fairly easily now that we know what to look for. Limited use of infant Tylenol, within the dosage recommendations from his doctor and the label, seems to be quite effective. That’s a relief because we had been planning on bringing it with us on the GDT in our med kit so now we know it’ll work when he is experiencing severe teething pains.

This is the beauty of having a kid. Everything changes constantly so you really can’t do any sort of test by changing only one variable at a time. You basically just gotta let a bunch of stuff change as it does and hope to compensate for uncontrolled variables. Even if you manage to figure something out, everything changes in like two weeks anyways.

I guess this means we need to camp more to get more data and figure this out!

PS: although he’s not so toothless anymore we’ll still call him Toothless!

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