Routines are great for kids but tough to blog about

While we haven’t blogged in a while, it isn’t because of a lack of everyday adventure.

Since October 2021 Toothless has been attending daycare and I have been back at work.

This past winter we had an elevated risk of avalanche so every time we planned on heading out snowshoeing, we kept getting hit with avalanche warnings and never could safely go out.

So what have we been up to?

Answer: biking to and from daycare, biking to and from parks and playgrounds

I’m constantly biking with Toothless and sometimes on a commute to the office. Almost rain or shine (other than when we had a cold snap and heavy snow) we are out there on the Bakfiets every morning and often on weekends to check out new parks or look at the trains.

I’m also renovating a new condo for us to live in with a bit more space and some outdoor space for Toothless to run around. The Bakfiets is my companion to and from the hardware store. Need to carry a bucket of joint compound? Bakfiets does it. Half a dozen doorknobs? Yup.

This also means my time is spent maintaining the bike!

These are likely worth their own posts – I have lots of lessons learned over the past 8 months commuting so I’m hoping to write those down so others can learn from my mistakes.

More outdoor adventures hopefully soon

Although my job has basically become a human taxi and construction foreman, the construction part will hopefully be over soon and we can start using vacation for hiking again instead of tiling floors.

We have a trip we are planning and if I’m efficient with my remaining vacation time might be able to tag a trail maintenance trip at the end of it. We will see!

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