Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Day 1

Getting to the start of the trail was quite straightforward. We just followed the #1 to Lytton (remembering to take the turn off at Hope and not continue to Kamloops) and then turn into the #12 and very soon after turn left onto the ferry road to take the ferry across the Fraser River, then follow a gravel road about 15 minutes to the trailhead. The ferry was very cool! It only fits 2 cars and just goes back and forth all day.

We reached the trailhead around noon and the parking was already starting to fill up. We sorted out our gear pretty quickly and ate a quick snack before getting on the trail by 12:20 (including a small mishap of spilling ginger ale all over the Jeep’s trunk).

The trail itself was quite quiet and easygoing. It follows the Stein River upstream so the elevation gain is pretty gradual. Despite all the cars in the parking lot, we didn’t see many people on the trail – a few people going the opposite direction, a few already at a campsite, and when we reached camp, one group of three arrived as we ate dinner.

Overall a good day, we reached camp pretty early at just after 4pm; depending on how quick we reach our destination tomorrow, we might double back to lengthen the day. We are looking forward to seeing how our MYOG quilt and the new sleeping pad work out; hopefully they keep us warm!

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