Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Day 2

Last night was a bit chilly – our water bladder bite valves were frozen, so it got down to at least zero. I was a bit cool, but overall fine under the quilt; Kyle on the other hand reported that he was too cold to sleep most of the night until he figured out to tuck the quilt under himself.

We had a slow start and left camp around 830am. The trail was smooth sailing up until the planned midpoint for the day at ??? campsite. After that, there was a non-trivial number of trees down across the trail that we had to go over/under/around.

We wound up reaching camp at the Cottonwood Creek Campsite just before 3pm. We briefly thought about turning around and going to the previous campsite, but we wouldn’t reach camp until 630 or so and the previous camp wasn’t as nice. There was a short side trail that led to Cottonwood Falls – it’s well worth the 15 minutes to visit. At the falls there is an abandoned cable car structure – I guess at one point there were more trails in this park.

For dinner we tested Skurka’s beans and rice and were both very impressed – we’ll definitely be adding this one to our meal rotation.

Tomorrow we’ll be seeing how far we can get towards the trailhead – hopefully the return trip over the deadfall is easier than it was heading out!

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