Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Day 3

Last night was a bit warmer and we were both warm enough under the quilt. I forgot to deflate my half of the sleeping pad before going to sleep though and I kept waking up with a sore hip and needing to rotate though.

In the morning, we were relatively quick and managed to get on the trail by 8am. I tried out a Carnation Breakfast drink instead of pop tarts for breakfast and it was pretty good – it tasted more or less like chocolate milk – but I found that I needed to eat one of my snack bars earlier than I normally would.

Heading back towards the trailhead we were a lot quicker than on the way out, we reached the Suspension Bridge Camp around 1pm. After the Suspension Bridge, it started hailing/snowing intermittently and we had to pull out our rain jackets around Earl’s Camp. We wound up getting to the last campsite which is only 1.5km from the trailhead around 430pm. So despite planning to stay the night, we decided to go all the way and drive home tonight.

We finished just after 5pm and found there was just one other car left at the trailhead – so if you want the park to yourself on a long weekend, maybe head up the second day!

Overall this was a good shakedown trip and it gave us a good chance to test our gear changes for the Great Divide Trail. Happy to report that everything worked as expected.

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