Day 00/0 On our way to the GDT!

After a slow morning, which just seemed to crawl along… we made it to the airport with no problems. With coffee and cookie in hand we waited for our plane in the sunshine.

The flight was brief, and uneventful. Barely enough time to settle in before the flight was over!

We arrived in Calgary and made our way to the Greyhound Station. After realizing the lockers are all out of order we talked to the Customer Service desk and they checked our bags in early (thankfully!). We were able to walk downtown and grab some dinner.

There was a curry restaurant close by that we decided to test out. It was a really nice little place and the food really hit the spot. We then walked to MEC and wandered around the store for a bit to waste time. We bought some cheese at Safeway for our first leg of the trip. Then we ended up hanging out at a cafe for another hour or so.

We still had to wait at the Greyhound Station for a while and our bus was late leaving the station, but at least we spent most of our layover walking around downtown.

The bus was a little loud and it was difficult to sleep with the frequent stops. Somehow Natasha and I still caught some sleep.

We ended up at Pincher Creek at around 3:45am and were not left much time to sneak off somewhere for a nap before the sun rise. So we just bundled up outside the Ranchland mall, outside the Brick, listening to music playing from the store radio. Thankfully the Timmy’s opened at 5am, so we didn’t need to wait too long.

We’ve grabbed breakfast now and are off to hitch to Waterton – hopefully it’s quick!

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