Day 14 – Toe socks last 276 kms

GDT kms: 26.6

We woke up to a large dinner plate-sized puddle at the foot of our tent. At some point during the night, we (and our sleeping pad) slid towards the foot of the tent and pushed the bathtub wall and mesh so the fly drained into the tent rather than outside. Thankfully it seemed our quilt sheds water reasonably well as it wasn’t soaked. The bottom of our sleeping pad on the other hand wicked the water almost up to the head. We dried everything the best we could with our mini microfibre towel, packed up and hoped we’d have a chance to dry everything at some point today.

In the morning, we ran into Dan and GDT volunteers doing trail maintenance (thank you!) It was nice to be able to chat a bit and share trail beta – we’re looking forward to the sidewalk-like trail in Kakwa πŸ˜‰

Around lunchtime it started lightly raining on and off. When we reached our first ridge of the day, we got to enjoy watching the thunderstorm on the nearby mountains while we managed to luck out and stay dry. As soon as we started descending the ridge, the precipitation hit us – quite literally as it was hailing. It is surprisingly painful being hit on the knuckle by hail repeatedly.

When we finally reached our campsite, the storm had finally cleared and we got a little bit of sunshine and a beautiful meadow.

Today we also discovered Injinji toe socks last 276 GDT kms – both Kyle and I discovered holes in our socks this evening.

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