Day 15 – Chill passes and the return of the road

GDT kms: 28.7

We woke up to lots of moisture inside the tent again, this time due to condensation rather than rain. After trying to dry some of the condensation off and packing up, we were off to a chilly start – Kyle’s thermometer read -2C.

The trail conditions were great today and there were even a few switchbacks on our climbs for once! We reached Fording Pass just before lunch and we were quite happy to enjoy the views – it’s definitely one of the more chill passes we’ve ever had to do. The pass is very broad and has almost rolling hills of meadows at the top.

The descent off the pass was on easy terrain, but a bit boring as tree cover blocked the potential views most of the way. There was a bit of excitement though as I stepped on a rock that rolled out from under my feet and took a tumble. Kyle said he heard me yelp and turned around to see my legs in the air. The ground was pretty soft though and I don’t think I’ll even get any bruises.

Our day ended with the trail converging with a gravel road again for the final 6.5 km. After being on mostly trails for around 100 km now, we’d both forgotten how rough roads are to walk on – not looking forward to tomorrow which will be 23 km on the road before we hit trail again.

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