Day 19 – We briefly visited BC

GDT kms: 24.4

It sprinkled slightly overnight and the clouds were still lingering when we got up in the morning. As we ascended the last couple kilometres to North Kananaskis Pass, we were quite pleased as the clouds slowly cleared and revealed the surrounding mountains.

The pass is also along the BC/Alberta border, so we got to pop back into BC for a good portion of the day as we hiked though Height of the Rockies Provincial Park. The trail conditions were significantly better than the GDT app indicated they would be which was a pleasant surprise – the trail was always present and easy to follow even if somewhat brushy at times.

At Palliser Pass, we ended our short visit to BC and entered our second National Park of the trip, Banff.

The rest of the day was pretty monotonous as we followed the flat and somewhat boggy trail towards camp. Throughout the afternoon, it kept threatening to rain on us, but we managed to out walk it with only minor sprinkles.

We camped at Birdwood which had unfortunately received some horse visitors recently who left quite the smelly mess. We managed to find a non-smelly site to setup at and then we were quite pleased to be able to eat our dinner at a picnic table again.

Tomorrow we are off to Assiniboine and hopefully we make good enough time to hit up tea at the lodge.

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