Day 18 – We saw more people today than cumulatively prior

GDT kms: 19.6 (+ 3 walking from Boulton Creek)

It was really hard to get up this morning, we were clean and very comfy cozy in our tent. We did manage to get going though, and started the walk from Boulton Creek to where we got off the trail yesterday, there wasn’t enough traffic on the road the early to even bother trying to hitch the 3 km.

After the road, we had a very pretty and easy walk around Kananaskis Lake. We made good time and made it to the Forks campground in time to take an early lunch. They have a nice eating area and we felt very fancy being able to eat our lunch at a picnic table rather than whatever spot we can find in the shade at the side of the trail.

After lunch we started the climb up to Turbine Canyon where we had booked a site. On the way up we met someone who has been following me on Instagram! Sorry we weren’t too talkative, the climb was feeling pretty brutally hot.

At Turbine Canyon, we had another fancy picnic table dinner (I feel like we have a lot of these in our future) with a group of four hikers from a hiking club.

We realized at dinner that the next few hundred kilometres are going to be a very different experience than the first 300. In the first 300, we went several days at a time without seeing another human being and were excited when we got a few hours on a trail. The next 300, I can imagine we could see a few dozen people every day in summer areas and the trail will be pretty constant and easy to follow. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it will just be a very different pace than what we’ve gotten used to so far.

One more thing about Turbine Canyon that I wanted to highlight is there outhouse. It feels kinda like a spaceship that is about to take off when you are inside – it’s a cylinder with a domed roof and shiny white walls on the inside. Definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss πŸ˜‰

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